Life at play

It has always been known and seen that there is no separation. Though experiences have been experienced and suffering happened. Daily life is happening, and all is appearing as one big act upon stage. The stage of life in which we are all appearing. Lie has had the falling away of identification of this act several years ago, around the end of her thirties. Which was like an immediate clearance of all complication. Where all idea’s and patterns based upon old stories were gone. None of it relevant in any way, nor had she any desire to change what en where life was happening. There wasn’t any need at first to share this clearance with anyone. Who was there anyway? There was only recognition in everything! So there was just peace and resting in whatever was happening. And it’s always here, this stillness that’s passionate in silence. Somehow she started to share her experience and insights with others. 

Life is still and yet always at play, where everything is possible. Lie loves to connect with you and see if she can be of any help with your situations in life. You are very welcome to contact her in any way. 

Oneness is flowing for everything!

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