Private Session

A talk or a private session

Being with what there really is, is often a challenge. In a private session it’s possible to have a close look at what’s there. Together with Lie you can explore your personal situations and discover how the seperate self influences daily living. Feel invited and take this chance to connect to simplicity. Your true essence.

Lie is able to talk with you in two ways:

1 -> Youtube

2 -> Skype – Private session
        Cost €60 per session  (60 min.)

Youtube is a Free Live Broadcast every tuesday Dutch time from 7.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m. When you open the  channel: Lie Hoogenberk you can follow and listen to the talks. To be able to talk to Lie yourself you need to connect to Skype. Go to liehoogenberk72 (open the volume). Then close the Youtube volume and call through Skype. The talks will be recorded for you and others to be able to listen and view again.

For a private Skype session you need to make an appointment. Click here to send the request.
Advise in the message when you are available together with your Skype adress. You will receive an affirmation by mail, and bank account details for the payment.

Who is Lie? (Pronounce Lee! 😉 )